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Tehzeeb Bakers - Pakistan

2Lbs Dark Chocolate Cake - Tehzeeb Bakers
2Lbs Blackforest Cake -Tehzeeb Bakers
2Lbs Pineapple Cake - Tehzeeb Bakers
$ 29.91
$ 30.32
$ 30.32
2Lbs Lemon Tart Cake - Tehzeeb Bakers
2Lbs Fruit Cocktail Cake - Tehzeeb Bakers
2Lbs Chocolate Coffee Cake - Tehzeeb Bakers
$ 30.74
$ 33.23
$ 34.89
2Lbs Blueberry Cake - Tehzeeb Bakers
2Lbs Red Velvet Cream Cake -Tehzeeb Bakers
2Lbs White Fruit Cocktail Cake - Tehzeeb Bakers
$ 35.72
$ 36.15
$ 36.97
Assorted Donuts Hamper - Tehzeeb Bakers
4Lbs Blackforest Cake - Tehzeeb Bakers
4Lbs Pineapple Cake - Tehzeeb Bakers
$ 37.99
$ 39.09
$ 39.09
4Lbs Lemon Tart Cake - Tehzeeb Bakers
4Lbs Dark Chocolate Cake - Tehzeeb Bakers
Assorted Biscuits - Tehzeeb Bakers
$ 39.74
$ 39.99
$ 39.99
2Lbs Caramel Oreo Cake -Tehzeeb Bakers
2Lbs Kit Kat Chocolate Cake - Tehzeeb Bakers
3Lbs Heart Shape Cake - Tehzeeb Bakers
$ 40.77
$ 40.92
$ 41
Hot Snacks Basket - Tehzeeb Bakers
3Lbs Chocolate Wafer Mousse Cake - Tehzeeb Bakers
3Lbs Mocha Chocolate Cake - Tehzeeb Bakers
$ 41.99
$ 43.35
$ 44
4Lbs Blueberry Cake - Tehzeeb Bakers
4Lbs Chocolate Coffee Cake - Tehzeeb Bakers
4Lbs White Fruit Cocktail Cake - Tehzeeb Bakers
$ 44.91
$ 46.2
$ 47.08

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Tehzeeb Baker Cakes to Pakistan

They changed their name from Rahat bakers to Tehzeeb bakers but the taste and quality is still the same-extravagant. Therefore, Express Gift Service has brought to you, a whole new category of specialty cakes from Tehzeeb bakers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Known for its freshness and high quality taste, Tehzeeb bakers cakes delivery in Islamabad is not less than a bliss.

Whether you are considering to have a basket of assorted donuts hampers from Tehzeeb or scrumptious dark chocolate cake, Express Gift Service, has got them all displayed at our shelves for you to choose from. Select from our boutique and weíll deliver cakes from tehzeeb bakers in Islamabad to your place in complete style.

Itís not just our customers in Islamabad who can avail our high- quality services and customer satisfaction. Our carefully selected products from Tehzeeb Bakers are up for grabs even for our customers in Rawalpindi. Thinking of chocolate cakes but canít be there to choose it yourself? You donít have to worry anymore. Choose from high quality sumptuous chocolate cakes presented on our shelf and weíll do the chocolate cakes delivery in Rawalpindi from Tehzeeb Bakers to satiate your need.