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Send Rawalpindi Flower To Pakistan

Sending Flowers to Rawalpindi is Easy with Express Gift Service!
Missing out on your loved one’s special occasion? Want to be with them but cannot because of work? Well, no need to worry, because you can let them know that you are wishing them well on their special day. How? By sending them flowers!
Yes, you can now send flower to Rawalpindi through us, and we here at Express Gift Service will ensure that your loved ones not only receive the flowers in time, but they are extremely fresh. There are a number of benefits that you will enjoy when you shop with us too. Wondering what they are?

Come, let us take you through a tour of what we have in store for you:

Well, to begin with, we have a host of options for you to take your pick from. Exactly, you heard us right. As you can see, we have flowers and bouquets for every occasion. You name an occasion of your choice, from birthdays to anniversaries, we have a flower bouquet for you. Different occasions demand different types of bouquets, different people like different types of bouquets and we understand that, so our collection is a well curated one so that you can pick and choose just the one that you want and send it to your loved ones. From tulips to roses to gladiolas we have individual bouquets and we have combination bouquets as well. So, our options are many which makes shopping and choosing just the right bouquet from us a joyride!

The next and the most important thing that we ensure is a timely delivery. When it comes to flower delivery a lot of people have reservations about it as to whether or not their order will reach the desired place in time. Well, we ensure you a timely delivery and if there are any delays due to unforeseen circumstances then we will inform you and have your order delivered as soon as the issue is sorted out. Timely delivery is of utmost importance and that is one feature where we can assure you that we provide the best of the best services when it comes to online flower delivery in Rawalpindi. In fact, we offer same day delivery as well within a stipulated time slot throughout the day. All you need to do is when placing the order inform us that you need a same day delivery and we will make it happen for you!

There is one very integral part to flower delivery and that is the condition of the flowers. Who likes to receive dried up flowers, until of course it is potpourri? So, when we deliver the flowers we make sure that they are fresh and we have a team of people working on it who ensure that the flowers that are shipped for delivery are absolutely fresh and stay fresh till the time of delivery as well. Having fresh flowers delivered is a very important part of our services and we make sure that we carry it out to perfection. So, if you are looking for fresh flowers then we are the ones for you!

We aim at making the process as easy as possible for you so that you do not have to go through much hassle when you want to wish your special one with a bouquet of flowers. So, we ensure a user-friendly interface from where you can easily browse through the bouquets that you like and then select the one for you and place your order. You can pay for your order online through a secured payment gateway. So, if you are looking for a hassle-free online shopping experience, then we welcome you to our store.

Did you know that we have add-ons too? Yes, that's right, our entire store has various types of add-ons like teddy bears, chocolates, chocolate cakes, shoes, watches, perfumes, sweetmeats and what not, which make for an adorable choice when you are looking for a hamper or a combination gift. So all you need to do is select the bouquet that you like and then the add-on and place your order. Some of our bouquets are custom designed with add-ons as well like teddy bears and mugs, which of course you can go for. Adding an add-on, makes your surprise gift more complete.

In addition to all the above services there is one other advantage too. If by any chance, you see that your internet connection is not working or the site is not loading properly, then you can always get in touch with us at our contact number and place your order via phone and we will have it delivered to the one that you want it to be delivered to. You can also track your order which will help you to figure out by when your order will reach. Do not fret because the order will surely reach.

And we offer additional services of making sure that your order reaches the person. For example if they are not at home, since in most cases these are surprise gifts, they will be left with a neighbour and a card from us, informing them about the flowers so that when they come back home they can have a bouquet of flowers waiting for them!
Sounds amazing right? Yes, we have a wide range of options and an easy and efficient delivery method which will make sure that your gift reaches the one that you want. And the process for going about the flower delivery in Rawalpindi is also quite easy. All you need to do is browse through our site and as mentioned before we have a large collection. Then you need to select the bouquet of your choice and add it to your cart. If you want, you can also add a few add-ons. Once you are done, checkout and pay the bill and that’s it! Your order has been placed and it will reach the person just in time!

So, what are you waiting for? Come, place your order with us, today!