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History Of Fathers Day

The proposal of father's day celebration was only for the kids to honour their father. Mrs John .B Dodd while listening to Mother's Day in 1909 thought the idea of Father's Day. Father's day is not a religious celebration inaugurated in early twentieth century. Mrs Dodd wanted to honour her father Mr. William Smart on a special day like Father's Day. Mrs. Dodd's mother was passed away in her sixth childbirth. Mr Smart was left to look after new-born baby and his other children in Washington. When Sonora Dodd grown up then she realised her father's hardship and selflessness as a single parent. The date for Father's Day was proposed 5th June, which was the date of birth of Mr. William Smart. Later on it was postponed until 19th, the third Sunday of June due to shortage of time for preparations.

The first Father's Day was celebrated on 19th June 1910 in Spokane Washington. In 1924 President Calvin Coolidge encouraged the idea of National Father's Day. Finally, President Lyndon Johnson in 1966 officially announced the National Fathers Day on 3rd Sunday of June. Fathers Day is a day to tribute to your father for his hardships love and care for you.

Most countries of world celebrate Fathers Day at different dates depends on the origin. The countries that have strong influence of Roman Catholic Religion celebrate Fathers Day on St. Joseph's Day (19th March). In Germany, people celebrate Fathers Day on Men's Day, which is the Thursday forty days after Easter. In Thailand, Fathers Day is on the birthday of King. But there are some countries like United States, Unites Kingdom, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Ireland and Japan celebrate Father's Day on 3rd Sunday of June. So this year Father's Day in Pakistan is 17th June 2018. While some countries like Belgium, Bolivia, Italy, Portugal and Spain celebrate Fathers Day on St. Joseph Day (19th March).