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Islamabad Cake Delivery - Pakistan

Islamabad Cake Delivery

2Lbs Pineapple Cake - Serena Hotel
2Lbs Blackforest Cake - Serena Hotel
2Lbs Walnut Dry Cake - PC Hotel
$ 31.99
$ 33.99
$ 35
2Lbs Peach Tart Cake - Serena Hotel
2Lbs Chocolate Opera Cake - Serena Hotel
2Lbs Tiramisu Cake - Serena Hotel
$ 36.99
$ 36.99
$ 37.99
2Lbs Mothers Day Cake - PC Hotel
2Lbs Heart Shape Pineapple Cake - Serena Hotel
2lb Eid Heart Cake
$ 39.99
$ 39.99
$ 39.99
2Lbs Strawberry and Chocolate Cake - Serena Hotel
2Lbs Cappuccino Cake - Serena Hotel
2Lbs Mango and Chocolate Cake - Serena Hotel
$ 39.99
$ 39.99
$ 44.99
2Lbs Bake Cheese Cake - Marriott Hotel
2Lbs Mango Cheese Cake - Serena Hotel
2Lbs Chocolate Fudge Cake - Serena Hotel
$ 45.99
$ 47.99
$ 47.99
2Lbs Coconut Cake - Serena Hotel
2Lbs Mango Mousse Cake - Serena Hotel
2Lbs Chocolate Truffle Cake - Serena Hotel
$ 47.99
$ 47.99
$ 47.99
2Lbs Raspberry Cheese Cake - Serena Hotel
2Lbs New York Cheese Cake - Gloria Jeans
4Lbs Walnut Dry Cake - Pearl Continental Hotel
$ 49.99
$ 55
$ 55.99
2Lbs Caramel Fudge Cake - Marriott Hotel
2Lbs Red Velvet Cheese Cake - Marriott Hotel
4Lbs Spiderman Cake - Kitchen Cuisine
$ 58.99
$ 68
$ 79.5

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Islamabad Cake Delivery in Pakistan

Being the garden capital of Pakistan, Islamabad has its own importance and beauty. You will find people from every walk of life here who came to settle from all over Pakistan and even from abroad. 

We all know somebody who lives in Islamabad, be it our relatives, friends or colleagues and everyone wants a dash of belongingness especially when they are far away from their loved ones. Express Gifts Service understands this sentiment, thatís why we have designed an exclusive section of cake delivery to Islamabad.

Now you can send cakes to Islamabad by choosing from our boutique of beautiful and delicious cakes from the most prestigious places in the city. Now you donít have to bother visiting all the places and wasting so much time. We provide the range of exclusive cakes from Holiday Inn with Holiday Inn cakes delivery to Islamabad within any sector.

Considering Serena hotel cakes delivery in Rawalpindi but worried about all the security checks and long queues. Express Gifts Service has made your journey much easier and comfortable now. Just come up to your PC and check out our galleries of mouthwatering cake samples from Serena Hotels. Place your order and weíll deliver cake from Serena Hotel to Islamabad or deliver cake from Serena Hotel to Rawalpindi, wherever you would want.

When itís the celebration time for any of your loved ones and you canít be present physically to add sweetness to the moment then our range of extremely good looking cakes from Marriott hotel will certainly do the trick for you. Now you can get us to deliver cakes from Marriot hotel in Islamabad in exactly the same way as you would want your gift to be delivered. Whether itís marriot cakes delivery to Rawalpindi or in any sector of Islamabad, Express Gift Serviceís highly committed delivery team would make sure that your order reaches its destination within a day.

There was a time when it was difficult to send cakes to Rawalpindi but express gift service has solved this issue once and for all. Now you can deliver cakes to Rawalpindi in just a zippy. We at ExpressGiftService know the importance of your occasion; therefore we bring you the exclusive and wide range of cakes. Committed to quality customer service and great taste, you can expect to have beautiful celebration cakes delivered to your doorstep on time. Get the exclusive taste of PC hotel delivered to your home. When you choose from our range of gorgeous cakes from PC hotel then rest assured that weíll deliver cakes from PC hotel in Rawalpindi in such a style that your choice will be remembered for years to come. Do you want to have those gorgeous PC hotel cakes but are not interested in braving the rash Rawalpindi traffic then get us on-board. Check out our array of creative cakes from PC hotel and weíll make sure that your PC hotel cakes delivery to Islamabad is made on time.

Not a status conscious but certainly taste conscious then you have ended up at the right place. We have everything for everyone. With best of the town bakers on board with us, you can certainly be sure of our commitment to quality. If you are interested in having just a great taste but within a budget then Rahat bakers is certainly the choice for you. Weíll deliver Rahat bakers cake in Rawalpindi for you so that you can enjoy the awesomeness of great taste without worrying to leave your home. Rahat bakers is not present in every sector in Islamabad, so if you donít have Rahat bakers near your home and you donít want to venture out in finding one as well then worry not! Express Gift Service now offers the service to deliver cake from rahat bakers to Islamabad and that too in all its freshness.