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Karachi Cake Delivery - Pakistan

Karachi Cake Delivery

1lbs Malt Cake From Blue Ribbon Bakers
2lbs Kaju Badam Cake from Blue Ribbon Baker
2lbs Black Forest Cake From Blue Ribbon Bakers
$ 24
$ 28
$ 30
2Lbs Coffee Bomby Cake - Hob Nob Bakers
1.5Lbs Cherry Linzer Tart Cake - Pien in The Sky
1.5Lbs Chocolate Truffle Ring Cake - Pie in The Sky
$ 32
$ 33.99
$ 34.99
2Lbs Heart Shape Italian Blackforest Cake - PC Hotel
2Lbs Brown Chocolate Truffle Cake - PC Hotel
2lbs Strawberry Cheese Cake from Blue ribbon Bakers
$ 35
$ 35
$ 35
2lbs Alaska Cake From Blue Ribbon Bakers
2lbs Death By Chocolate Cake From Blue Ribbon Bakers
2Lbs Black Forest Cake - Pie in The Sky
$ 35
$ 35
$ 35
2Lbs Tiramisu Cheese Cake - PC Hotel
2Lbs Italian Pear Cake - PC Hotel
2lbs Red Velvet Cake - Pie in the sky
$ 36
$ 37
$ 37
2Lbs Ying Yong Cake - Marriott Hotel
2Lbs Vanilla Fudge Cake - Marriott Hotel
2Lbs Fruit Gateau Cake - PC Hotel
$ 38
$ 38
$ 39
2Lbs Coffee Cake - PC Hotel Karachi
2Lbs Chocolate Mexican Cake - Marriott Hotel
2Lbs Chocolate Brownie Cake - Hob Nob Bakers
$ 39
$ 39
$ 39
2Lbs Chocolate Fan Cake - PC Hotel
2lbs Chocolate And Toffee Cake - Pie in the Sky
2Lbs Sierra Rouge Cake - Armeen
$ 39
$ 39
$ 39.99

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Karachi Cakes Delivery in Pakistan

This city of lights that never sleeps has the reputation of warmth and respect. Karachi is known for its diversity and ethnic variety. Having friends among a range of ethnicity is quite common for karachites. People in Karachi are not only hospitable but they love to entertain their guests a lot. If you have invited as a guest at someoneís place then as per the tradition, youíll be expected to bring something for the host. Everyone loves to have something sweet at these occasions and cake is the most favourite dessert. Why not try our service of cake delivery to Karachi, its hassle free and not at all time consuming.

We know that Karachiís traffic is not the friendliest one and going to the best bakers in town could take lot of time. Skip wastage of your precious time by choosing from the delicious range of cakes auctioned by the best bakers in the town on our website and our fastest delivery service will deliver cakes to Karachi at your doorstep.

Who doesnít love to be remembered for throwing the best party even after several weeks, and it always ignite some sparkly freshness in the relationships. So weíd suggest you to send cakes to Karachi for your recipient as your token of appreciation.

We have a variety of cakes in our boutique to suit your taste. If you like high profile along with great taste then our exclusive range of cakes from PC hotel and cakes from Marriot hotels is meant for you. Get PC hotel cakes delivery to Karachi on your chosen day and rest assured that it will reach on time. We not only deliver cakes from PC hotel in Karachi but we have Marriot hotel cakes delivery to Karachi onboard as well. If you donít like the good old pearl continental than you can always get us to deliver cakes from Marriott hotel in Karachi and just wait for the most stylish delivery of the time.

Interested in unique designer cakes with different edible characters then we have something for you as well. Check out our range of designer cakes from Armeen designer cakes and get inspired by the inspirational designs of this unique art. We deliver cakes from Armeen designer cakes to Karachi and that too with the guarantee of total freshness. Choose from this exclusive range and have the most delicious and style Armeen designer cakes delivery to Karachi as soon as possible.

When talking about some of the best names in the town then how can anyone forget hobnob? We not only deliver hobnobs cake in Karachi but also have a wide range of samples displayed on our website for your eyes only. Choose from one of the best bakers in town and that too for its great taste with quality then get us to deliver cakes from hobnobs in Karachi and stay intact for your brownie points.