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Send Islamabad Flower To Pakistan

Flowers are indeed beautiful, and they do help in bringing a smile to the faces of our loved ones. They have a beauty and charm which manages to reach out to a lot of people, but did you know that types of flowers can actually help to reach out to different types of moods and occasions! And the best part – we have flowers for every mood and every occasion. We have range of gifts for you as occasion and as price you can shop online gifts for delivery to Islamabad like Personalised Cards, Personalised Mugs, Personalised Teddy Bear, Personalised Cushion, Persoanlised Chocolate Bar, Personalised Calendar, Personalised Sweet Jar.

So, when you do decide to send flower to Islamabad to your loved one, it is best that when you make the purchase you make an informed buy. So, which flower works for which occasion and which mood? Want to know? Come, let’s find out:

  • Red Roses: No points for guessing, when it comes to love or anything even remotely linked to romantic feelings and associations, then there is nothing better than red roses. Since time immemorial when it comes to romantic gestures, we have linked it with flowers and when we talk about flowers, it always has to be red roses. Red has been defined as the colour of love and passion and hence red roses are always symbolic if you want to convey your romantic affection for them. So, if you are thinking of gifting something to your partner for your anniversary or if you want to convey your special feelings to someone who you are very fond of, then it is best that you opt for red roses because they will do the trick perfectly. And we have curated some of the best designed rose bouquets just for you. Add a box of chocolates along with it and you have the most classic romantic gift!
  • Gladiolas: Tired of the same old roses? Want to add a little bit of different colour to your flower gifts? Then our suggestion – go for gladiolas. These come in different colours, of which purple and mauve are our favourite. Well, if you are thinking of gifting someone flowers say for a formal occasion then this is the choice that you should go for. If you are going for a formal occasion like say a long-time colleague’s birthday or anniversary, then these flowers make for the perfect pick. In fact, if you are wondering what to send to your mother or sister or a friend, who does not like roses, they will definitely like gladiolas and hence you can always opt for them. Gladiolas are a deviation from the norm, and they do make great gifts for special occasions like birthdays as well. So, if you want to try out something different and unique, you can always take a pick from our choice of gladiola bouquets for online flower delivery in lahore!
  • Pink Roses: Soft, dulcet, and warm – these are the qualities that pink roses convey. Pink roses are charming and hence if you want to keep it neutral and classy, then our pick is pink roses. These are again ideal for a person who likes the colour pink and is a softy at heart. No surprises there if you find that little girls are fond of pink roses and hence if you are thinking of sending some flowers for your niece on her birthday then a fresh bouquet of pink roses is something that you should definitely opt for. And when you are getting her the pink roses, do not forget to add a lovely teddy bear and box of chocolates along with it. Pink roses can also be gifted to anyone and everyone. Got a friend who is feeling low? Pink roses will definitely help in cheering them up. Pink roses are best for gifting when you have a personal connection.
  • Yellow Roses: After pink, our favoured choice is yellow roses. Why? Because yellow is just the colour for friendship. More often than not, we tend to neglect our friends, but why not give them a surprise or two for their birthdays and special occasions too? So, if you are thinking on the same lines and you want to spend something to your friends, then you can always send your friend a bunch of yellow roses and the best part – we have a variety of designs that you can take your pick from when it comes to bouquets of yellow roses. Just let us know where to deliver the flowers for your friend and we will get it done for you! Also we have range of other gifts for delivery to islamabad like Cakes Delivery, Perfumes Delivery, Fruit basket delivery, Dried Fruits delivery, Mithai Delivery, Chocolates Delivery, Gift Combinations delivery, Gift Hampers delivery, Khussa Shoes Delivery, Seerah Books delivery, Aha Dith Books Delivery, Urdu novel Books Delivery, Islamic Books Delivery, Cook Books Delivery.
  • Multi-coloured roses: Thinking about adding a bright smile to the face of your loved ones? Well, then nothing works best than multi-coloured roses! A beautiful combination of yellow and red, these bouquets can be gifted to anyone. From online flower delivery in pakistan sending them to your parents on their anniversary to someone whom you want to cheer up, this particular choice of bouquet is indeed the ideal one. So, if you are looking for something bright and colourful, then this is definitely the one for you.
  • Combination bouquets: How about mixing things up? Well, if you want to make sure that you do not want to miss out on the classic appeal of roses and also want to add the touch of elegance that comes with gladiolas, then why not opt for a combination bouquet of both. These are extremely beautiful and not to mention the sensational aroma that comes with it. If you are looking for something plush and elegant for a formal occasion for flower delivery in Islamabad, then this is one bouquet option that we can definitely go for!
  • Pink lilies and roses: If you want to go for something which is truly elegant and aesthetic, then you have to opt for this combination. This is extremely sophisticated and you for a person who loves lilies, this will no doubt be a perfect gift. And the best part? From your girlfriend to your sister to your mother to your friend, you can gift this bouquet to anyone you like!

Now you can send flowers to Islamabad by choosing from our wide array of beautiful flower bouquets and we’ll make sure that your flower delivery to Islamabad is reached on time and fresh state. Worried about the state of flowers during Rawalpindi flower delivery? With Express Gifts Service on board, you could be sure of the state in which your flowers will reach the recipient. We deliver flowers to karachi in the freshest possible state that will smile on the face of your gift receiver.
So, now that you know which flowers work best for which occasion, you will definitely find it much easier to take a pick from our collection! Come, shop with us today!

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