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Lillies Delivery to Pakistan

Lilies represent elegance, charm, beauty and grace, and are for a sophisticated touch. What present can be more beautiful than sending elegant lilies hand tight and delivered fresh. Lilies are a symbol of fertility, being used as a wedding flower. Sending of lilies in spring signifies marriage, happiness and prosperity. The beautiful shades of lilies can express your heartfelt emotions in a sensitive way. Whether its wife birthday, anniversary, wedding, Mother’s day, Eid or any other occasion. Sending lilies will be the best present for perfect celebrations. It is a graceful flower and being considered as the choice of taste loving people. Dating as far back as 1580 B.C., when images of lilies were discovered in a villa in Crete, these majestic flowers have long held a role in ancient mythology.


The lily gets its name from the Greek name leirion and the Roman name lilium. Lilies grow all around the northern Hemisphere. They are divided into five groups: Asiatic Lilies; Oriental Lilies; Tiger Lilies; Trumpet Lilies; Turks Cap Lilies. The lily was so revered by the Greeks that they believed it sprouted from the milk of Hera, the queen of the gods.

White Lilies:

White lilies symbolize chastity and virtue – and were the symbol of the Virgin Mary’s purity and her role of Queen of the Angels. White lilies are an important flower in weddings thus makes a perfect wedding and anniversary Flower. It can be presented on an occasion because of its pure and sincere appeal. It has the power to predict any kind of emotions. White Spring Bouquet can be a flawless surprise on any occasion.

Pink Lilies:

In many parts of the world pink lilies are used to bring harmony and joy to the home. The sweet, gentle fragrance of this flower creates a feeling of tranquility. These meanings include innocence and purity, and Pink Lilies are also a classic symbol of beauty. Sending lilies will be the best present for perfect celebrations. Have a look at our special lilies collection cleverly created by our expert florist keeping in view the delicacy of this graceful flower Forever Pink, Rose Lily Duo and Lilies Basket

Yellow Lilies:

Yellow Lilies represent friendship and filial love. Sending Yellow flowers represent trust, compassion, and respect. For these reasons, yellow lilies are a popular choice at the workplace to show appreciation for a job well done. Yellow lilies, with their soft radiance, also communicate sympathy. These gentle flowers show your warmth and compassion and renew ties of friendship, even during difficult times. Yellow lilies and yellow chrysanthemums are beautiful and thoughtful flowers. Yellow lilies can be sent stand alone and also makes a perfect bouquet with chrysanthemums and roses.

Red Lilies:

Red is a color of passion, love and Romance. There is no better way to hit the cupid exactly at the mark then by sending a bouquet of beautiful Red Lilies. The most loved gift for centuries….... Fresh beautiful Red lilies will put a priceless smile on the recipient face no matter who he/she is or whatever the occasion is. This flower has the power to sizzle up the fire of love.

Orange Lilies:

They are a symbol of beauty, elegance and prosperity. What can be a more eye popping surprise then sending bright colour lilies? They make a perfect bouquet with some greenery and white lilies. You can send a bunch of multi colour lilies to your loved ones for a lasting impression. When you are away from the home, Friends or family then it became difficult to be the part of the happy moments, here at Express Gift Service we provide a lovely solution to the problem. You can send Next day Lilies to your friends or family and be the part of the celebrations with your wishes, gifts and flowers.

Make you present bit more special:

At Express Gift Service we know that you can’t be with your friends or family all the time, so be the part of the occasion with your present which will show how much you miss them. Make your present a bit more special by adding a delicious cakes, Mithai, chocolates, Fruit Baskets and Gift hampers. Add our most favorite Chocolate Cake , Chocolate Treat Box or meal vouchers from the famous hotel and restaurant s in town for an indulging treat.

Add finishing touch with ‘Add on’:

You can make this special gift more exciting with some additional values that can make your Gift delivery Pakistan more exclusive. So why not include a Glass vessel for your bouquet, a cuddling teddy bear, a colorful Cards to brighten your loved one’s day, customized mugs and Ferrero Rocher Box.

Augmented service, our speciality:

Our skilled team of florists and network of local flower shops will carefully and individually hand create your chosen bouquet ready for delivery to the recipients address ensuring that each and every bouquet is of the very best quality, created with care and presented with a smile to delight every recipient. We provide Next day Gifts and Flowers Delivery in all major cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad, Bahawalpur and other cities in Pakistan.