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Ramadan/Iftari - Pakistan

Itikaf Mubarak-Personalised Card
Ramadan Mubarak-Personalised Card
Ramadan Mubarak Card for Mother
$ 7.99
$ 7.99
$ 7.99
Ramadan Mubarak Card for Hubby
Lahori Chicken Samosa from Menu (Ready to Cook)
Chicken Spring Rolls from Menu(Ready to Cook)
$ 7.99
$ 11.99
$ 11.99
K&N's Patteze-Fully Baked
K&N's Puff Patteze-Fully Baked
K&N's Achari Samosa (Ready to Cook)
$ 12.69
$ 12.99
$ 13.99
Mabroom Dates Golden Box
K&N's Samosa (Ready-to-Cook)
Chuggets from Menu(Ready to Cook)
$ 13.99
$ 14.99
$ 14.99
Tikka Bites from Menu(Ready to Eat)
K&N's Quiche-Fully Baked
Chicken Tempura from Menu(Ready to Cook)
$ 15.69
$ 15.99
$ 15.99
Chicken Tulip from Menu(Ready to Cook)
Shami Kabab from Menu(Ready to Cook)
K&N's Jumbo Frank Sausage-Fully Cooked
$ 15.99
$ 16.49
$ 16.69
Popcorn Fish from Menu(Ready to Cook)
Tempura Fish Fillet from Menu(Ready to Cook)
Chapli Kabab from Menu(Ready to Cook)
$ 16.69
$ 16.69
$ 16.69
Raw Chicken Burger Patties(Ready to Cook)
Hyperstar Gift Card- Rs.1000
K&N's Chapli Kabab (Ready-to-Cook)
$ 16.69
$ 16.99
$ 16.99

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Ramadan Gifts to Pakistan and Iftari Gifts to Pakistan

Ramadan is that blessed month of the year when every muslim gets the opportunity to collect as many blessings as possible. This holy month is marked with the teachings of patience, control and love for all. Itís traditional to give gifts during this month so as to share the blessings of this holy season. The best way is to give iftari gifts during this season due to various reasons. However, if you are away from your loved ones and still want to participate in their daily observing of this holy month then you have landed in the right place.

Send Ramadan gifts to Pakistan by choosing from our array of exclusively arranged section of Ramadan Gifts to Pakistan. Express Gift Service understands the feelings of those of you who are away from family due to any reason and cannot celebrate this month with their loved ones. For all of you there, we have put together, a whole new range of Iftari gifts to Pakistan which includes everything that you would have wanted.

Our Ramadan gifts to Pakistan collection not just include the delicious edibles but also encompass all those gift items that could help in the observance of the religious duties. Deliver Ramadan gifts to Pakistan for your loved ones and they will remember you in your prayers.

Halal, delicious and of high quality, express gift service has exclusive range of edible Iftari Gifts to Pakistan. Though there are a number of things that you can gift during Ramadan but the best Ramadan gift is send the edibles as Iftari gifts to Pakistan. Treats like iftari buffet vouchers, fruit baskets, edible baskets and assorted baskets from prestigious venues is something that everyone loves to receive.

Send Ramadan gifts to Pakistan this year by choosing our services and be sure that your Ramadan gifts to Pakistan will be appreciated a lot. This Ramadan the iftar gifts delivery to Pakistan by you would not only remind your loved ones about your love but also would make them feel your presence among them.

Ramadan is the month that encourages the actions of generosity and charity. You can not only choose to send Ramadan gifts to Pakistan for your loved ones but you can also choose to get iftari gifts delivery to Pakistan for those who donít have any loved ones to wish them Ramadan. This charity and generosity will surely add to your blessings.

Considering to be creative this Ramadan? Your Ramadan gifts to Pakistan donít necessarily need to be traditional stuff but you can mix and match as well. You can opt for your special gift baskets that contain a variety of items ranging from edibles to useful props that would not only help during Ramadan but even after that.

Sending Ramadan gifts to Pakistan has now becomes extremely easy and is just a click away. Surprise your friends and family by sending them Iftari gifts to Pakistan. When you choose Express Gift Service for Iftari gifts delivery to Pakistan then this is the guarantee for your recipients that how much you love them as you took time to choose the best. We deliver Ramadan gifts to Pakistan and even in the smaller cities. Be it your requirement to deliver Iftari gifts to Lahore or you want to deliver iftari gifts to Karachi. Whether you are considering to deliver iftari gifts to jehlum or you are looking to deliver Iftari gifts to Sialkot, we are always there at your service for this.

Usually gift services donít have reach on the smaller remote towns of the country but with Express Gift Service, you can not only deliver Ramadan gifts to Bahawalpur but we can also deliver Iftari gifts to multan as well. If you are considering to deliver iftari gifts to Peshawar then express gift service is the best choice for this as our wide network of delivery makes sure that your iftari reaches on time in this city of brave pathans. Be it capital or its twin city, express gift service has the facility to deliver iftari gifts to Islamabad as well as you will find no delay if you consider us to deliver Ramadan gift to Rawalpindi.

Ramadan is the most holy month when every Muslim fast and helping you in delivering your sentiments during this holy month with help us in earning some blessings as well after our exclusively designed gifts put smile on the face of your loved ones.