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Other Cities Cake Delivery - Pakistan

2Lbs Eid Day Cake
2Lbs Pineapple Cake
2Lbs Black Forest Cake
$ 24.99
$ 27.99
$ 27.99
2Lbs Chocolate Cake
2Lbs Mothers Day Cake
2Lbs Heart Shape Cake
$ 27.99
$ 28.99
$ 28.99
2Lbs Fathers Day Cake
2Lbs Heart Shape Eid Cake
4Lbs Black Forest Cake
$ 28.99
$ 28.99
$ 36.99
4Lbs Pineapple Cake
4Lbs Chocolate Cake
4Lbs Eid Day Cake
$ 36.99
$ 36.99
$ 39.99
6Lbs Black Forest Cake
6Lbs Chocolate Cake
6Lbs Pineapple Cake
$ 44.99
$ 46.99
$ 46.99
4Lbs Heart Shape Cake
6Lbs Heart Shape Cake
4lbs Independence Day Cake
$ 49.99
$ 50.99
$ 54.99
8Lbs Pineapple Cake
8Lbs Black Forest Cake
8Lbs Chocolate Cake
$ 59.99
$ 59.99
$ 59.99
Single Digit Number Shaped Cake
8Lbs Heart Shape Cake
Two Digit Number Cake
$ 69.99
$ 69.99
$ 119.99

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Send Cakes to all Cities of Pakistan

There is so much to celebrate in our lives and celebration of important events can be done by choosing from the perfect range of gifts offered by experssgiftservice.  From joyful engagement gifts to congratulations baby gifts, expressgiftservice has the perfect way to acknowledge an achievement. Nowadays cakes are a must for sweetening of tooth for any joyful occasion, therefore we put together a whole new range of deliciously stylish and sinfully tasty cakes designed especially for our customers with loved ones in Pakistan.

We at Express Gift Service understand the pain of being away from family on joyous occasions but now you can make your presence felt by cake delivery to PakistanSend cakes to Pakistan by choosing from our exclusive range and surprise your loved ones with one of the most gorgeous cakes in our selection.

Now you don’t have to worry about sending cakes to anywhere in Pakistan, we can deliver cakes to Pakistan and that too in any city that you want. With our commitment to quality customer service, we’ve equipped our delivery services to reach throughout Pakistan to meet the needs of our customers.

Whether you want to send cakes to Lahore or have the requirement to send cakes to Karachi, our fastest delivery team will make sure that your chosen gift reaches on time. Be it your desire to send cakes to Islamabad or you want to deliver cakes to Rawalpindi, express gift service has all the right channels to maneuver your gift so that it reaches with style.

It’s not just the country’s capital or even provincial capitals that are covered by us but you’ll not be disappointed if you have the requirement of delivering cakes to all cities in Pakistan. Send cakes to Bahawalpur or send cakes to Faisalabad, you’ll find our services to be as high class as experienced in major cities.

We are not limited to these cities only, send cakes to Peshawar by choosing from our exclusive range of mouthwatering cakes to Peshawar and if you have your loved ones based in Multan than we’ll make sure that when you send cakes to Multan, they’re reached in exactly the same manner as you would want.