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Celebrate Eid with our range of indulging luxury cakes perfect to celebrate Eid with your loved ones. From fresh hand crafted fruit gateau cake to Indulging Chocolate cake makes your Eid Ėul ĖFitr extra special with sameday and next day delivery throughout Pakistan. Not sure which cake to send, See our huge choice of cakes to order online from well known bakers across the cities of Pakistan we have a great selection of designs to make your eid celebrations even more special!

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Eid Day Cakes - Pakistan

2lbs Kaju Badam Cake from Blue Ribbon Baker
2lbs Chocolate Pineapple Cake From Blue Ribbon Bakers
1.5Lbs Chocolate Truffle Ring Cake - Pie in The Sky
$ 20
$ 22
$ 23.99
2Lbs Eid Day Cake
2Lbs Coffee Bomby Cake - Hob Nob Bakers
2Lbs Pineapple Cream Cake - Pie in The Sky
$ 24.99
$ 24.99
$ 24.99
2Lbs Black Forest Cake - Pie in The Sky
2Lb Malt Cake From Blue Ribbon Bakers
2Lbs Death By Chocolate Cake - Masoom Bakers
$ 24.99
$ 25
$ 26.99
2lbs Strawberry Cheese Cake from Blue ribbon Bakers
2lbs Heart Shape Chocolate Cake from Blue Ribbon Bakers
2Lbs Malteser Cake from Blue Ribbon Bakers
$ 28
$ 28
$ 28.31
2Lbs Coffee Cake - PC Hotel Karachi
2Lbs Chocolate Fudge Cake - Pie in The Sky
2Lbs Chocolate Bounty Cake from Blue Ribbon Bakers
$ 28.35
$ 28.99
$ 29.19
2Lbs Caramel Crunch Cake - Kitchen Cuisine
2Lbs Pineapple Cake - PC Hotel
2Lbs Chocolate Brownie Cake - Hob Nob Bakers
$ 29.62
$ 29.99
$ 29.99
2Lbs Chocolate Fudge Cake - Masoom Bakers
2Lbs Pineapple Cake - Islamabad Hotel
2Lbs Strawberry Cheese Cake - Pie in The Sky
$ 29.99
$ 30
$ 30
2lbs Chocolate Cream Cake From Blue Ribbon Bakers
2lbs Chocolate Ferrero Cake from Blue Ribbon Bakers
2lbs Neutella Cake from Blue Ribbon Bakers
$ 30
$ 30
$ 30

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Celebrate Eid with our Eid Special Cakes
If itís true that the best Eid ul-Fitr gift is almost always the time you spend time together with your family, friends and relatives. Eid ul Fitr marks the end of Ramadan also referred as Meethi and like any other occasion  is incomplete with traditional sweets and deserts like halwa, Sheer Khurma, Mithai, vermicelli, Fruit and special eid cakes.
Express Gift Service offers a large variety of Eid Cakes available to order online for delivery in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, BahawalpurKarachi , Multan, Mirpur AK and to all major cities in Pakistan. We supply cakes from Pearl-Continental, Marriott Hotel, Armeenís, Pie in the Sky, Kitchen Cuisine, Avari Hotel, Masoom Bakers, and Redolence Bake Studio  Fill your loved ones appetitie with our delicious hand crafted cakes from famous bakers of your choice to any city in Pakistan with same day and next day delivery options available when order online.
Express Gift Service has a cake for Eid Day to suit all tastes and budgets. From delicious Chocolate Fudge cake, Oreo Mocha cake, Pineapple cake, red Velvet cake  to chocolate chip, caramel crumble, black forest or Kit Kat chocolate cake Ė we really do have a cake for everyone.

Outstanding quality and presentation:
Express Gift Service provides outstanding service and quality, Itís at the heart of what we do. We pay special attention to detail guaranteeing your Eid Day cake delivery to Karachi, Islamabad or Lahore in Pakistan will be perfect and delivered on time. We know that first impressions matter when you give a gift to someone special, so we aim for the wow factor every single time

Make your gift more special:
At Express Gift Service we know that you canít be with your friends or family all the time, so be part of the occasion by sending an Eid Day cake to many cities across Pakistan. Make your gift even more special by adding eid Sweets, gift baskets, gift cards, flowers or Fruit Hampers..

Add finishing touch with ĎAdd oní:
You can make your Eid Day cake delivery to Islamabad, Karachi or Lahore even more exciting with some additional values that can make your cake delivery to Pakistan even more wonderful. So why not include personalised gifts, mithai, colourful cards, eid hampers, chocolates or balloons

Augmented service, our speciality:
Our skilled team will carefully and individually check your Eid Day cake for delivery to the recipientís address, ensuring that each and every one is of the very best quality, created with care and presented with a smile. Expressgiftservice.com is a reliable, customer friendly, time and quality conscious Pakistan online gift service for sending Eid Day cakes and gifts. Please get in touch for more information about sending Eid Day cakes to Islamabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi or Lahore, or to order other gifts online.