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2lbs Kaju Badam Cake from Blue Ribbon Baker
2lbs Chocolate Pineapple Cake From Blue Ribbon Bakers
1.5Lbs Chocolate Truffle Ring Cake - Pie in The Sky
$ 20
$ 22
$ 23.99
2Lbs Coffee Bomby Cake - Hob Nob Bakers
2Lbs Black Forest Cake - Pie in The Sky
2Lb Malt Cake From Blue Ribbon Bakers
$ 24.99
$ 24.99
$ 25
2Lbs Brown Chocolate Truffle Cake - PC Hotel
2Lbs White Chocolate Truffle Cake - PC Hotel
2lbs Strawberry Cheese Cake from Blue ribbon Bakers
$ 25.35
$ 25.35
$ 28
2lbs Heart Shape Chocolate Cake from Blue Ribbon Bakers
2Lbs Malteser Cake from Blue Ribbon Bakers
2Lbs Tiramisu Cheese Cake - PC Hotel
$ 28
$ 28.31
$ 28.59
2Lbs Chocolate Bounty Cake from Blue Ribbon Bakers
2Lbs Italian Pineapple Cake - PC Hotel
2Lbs Chocolate Brownie Cake - Hob Nob Bakers
$ 29.19
$ 29.99
$ 29.99
2Lbs Chocolate Fan Cake - PC Hotel
2lbs Dual Cake - PC Hotel Karachi
2lbs Chocolate Cream Cake From Blue Ribbon Bakers
$ 29.99
$ 29.99
$ 30
2Lbs Strawberry Cheese Cake - Pie in The Sky
2lbs Chocolate Ferrero Cake from Blue Ribbon Bakers
2lbs Neutella Cake from Blue Ribbon Bakers
$ 30
$ 30
$ 30
2Lbs Chocolate Fudge Cake - PC Hotel Karachi
2Lbs Blackforest Cake - PC Hotel Karachi
2Lbs Brown Chocolate Swiss†Cake - PC Hotel Karachi
$ 30.12
$ 30.12
$ 30.12

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Cakes Delivery to Pakistan
Dessert is a must for every occasion. Whether itís a birthday, anniversary, wedding or if you just want to express your love to your family and friends. Cakes are always one of the best choices. Here at Express Gift Service we understand that sometimes, even the best of us, canít find the time to home bake a cake. Thatís why we have a whole new range of delicious designer cakes for you. Choose from this special array of delights for cake delivery in Pakistan.

Our Cakes taste as good as they look and are sure to delight your loved ones on there special occasions. From over 400 cakes designs available to order online with Free delivery to all major cities in Pakistan, we can also design custom cakes for you. If you cant find the cake you are looking for just let us know and we will work with our partner bakers and make it for you. just contact us by email or call us and one of customer support team will be happy to assist you.

Delicious, distinctive and a novelty; these three words describe the tasty designer cakes offered by Express Gift Service. Beautiful cakes that are made by well-known bakers in your town are available for online cake delivery to Pakistan. Make special occasions even more amazing by ordering from a range of celebration cakes offered by Express Gift Service.

We know the importance of your occasion; therefore, we bring you the exclusive service of cake delivery to Pakistan.
Committed to quality customer service and great taste, you can expect to have beautiful designer cakes for celebration delivered anywhere in Pakistan, to your doorstep, on time.

Make those long-distance birthday wishes sweeter, tastier and surprising by birthday cake delivery to Pakistan. By choosing Express Gift Service, you can rest assured that your birthday wishes, with your chosen birthday cake, will arrive on time to make their day.

Check out Express Gift Serviceís great line of delicious chocolate cakes and choose from the range for delivery to any city in Pakistan.

Cakes are incomplete without personalized touch and hold a special meaning when sent. Whether itís cake delivery to Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad, we are here to save you the trouble of making the perfect designer cake.
Whether you want to send cakes to Lahore or Karachi, Islamabad or to Rawalpindi, we have a first-class service available in all major cities in Pakistan.

Itís not just the presence in the major cities, but our commitment to quality customer service that has taken us to spread across even the smaller cities of Pakistan. Now you can send cakes to Bahawalpur, Multan, Faisalabad, Mir Pur, Jehlum, Peshawar without any hassle. If you want to send cakes to Lahore you can order cakes from our selection of Famous Bakers from Lahore like PC hotel Lahore, Masoom Bakers, Kitchen Cuisine, Falettis Bakery, and Redolence Bakers and order from the delicious range of beautifully designed cakes.

Considering sending cakes to Peshawar and not sure where to find the best quality? Then you have landed at the right place. We have a whole new selection of designer cakes ready to be delivered to your doorstep in Peshawar. Once considered as the power seat of Pakistan, Multan is also not out of range anymore. Send cakes to Multan by choosing from the exclusively designed range of beautiful cakes that will be sent to the recipientís house to make their day. is a reliable, customer friendly, time and quality conscious Pakistan online gift service for sending cakes to Pakistan. Please get in touch for more information about sending cakes to Pakistan or to order gifts.