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Premium shipping means delivery on Public holidays or Same day. Please check this box if you want to deliver on Eid Day, Sunday, Same Day or any Public Holiday.

Deliveries for Sundays must be placed on Saturday before 3PM PK Time. Deliveries for next day must be placed before 3PM PK Time a day before or Pay extra $2.99 for same day delivery. Deliveries for same day must be placed before 11AM PK Time.

Note: Next day and same day delivery only available for Flowers, Cakes, Mithai, Pizzas, KFC and Fruit baskets. Other items have to dispatched separately and required 2 working days delivery time. Big and heavy items could take upto 5 working days delivery time.

Deliveries on Public Holidays like Sunday, Eid, New Year

Deliveries on public holidays are only available in following cities. In all other cities delivreries will be made a day before the public holidays

    * Lahore
    * Karachi
    * Bahawalpur
    * Multan
    * Islamabad
    * Rawalpindi
    * Sialkot
    * Gujranwala
    * Faisalabad
    * Sargodha
    * Okara
    * Gujrat
    * Sahiwal
    * Peshawar
    * Hydrabad

Other Delivery Areas We Covered:

From Faisalabad products from 5* Hotel we cover following Areas:

    * Awagat (Delivery Charge $15)
    * Bhawana (Delivery Charge $35)
    * Chak Jhumra (Delivery Charge $20)
    * Chiniot (Delivery Charge $20)
    * Dijkot (Delivery Charge $15)
    * Gojra (Delivery Charge $25)
    * Jaranwala (Delivery Charge $20)
    * Khurrianwala (Delivery Charge $20)
    * Naya Lahore (Delivery Charge $25)
    * Painsra (Delivery Charge $20)
    * Chanab Nagar (Delivery Charge $25)
    * Salarwala (Delivery Charge $35)
    * Sanghla Hill (Delivery Charge $30)
    * Satiana (Delivery Charge $15)
    * Shahkot (Delivery Charge $25)
    * Sumundri (Delivery Charge $20)
    * Tandlianwala (Delivery Charge $30)
    * Toba Take Singh (Delivery Charge $40)
    * Adda Mureedwala (Delivery Charge $30)
    * Jahng (Delivery Charge $35)
    * Pirmahal (Delivery Charge $40)
    * Rajhana (Delivery Charge $35)

From Rawalpindi/Islamabad We cover the following areas for delivery of 5* Hotel Products (If your delivery area is not specified there then please ask us)

    * Abbot Abad (Delivery Charge $35)
    * Attock (Delivery Charge $35.00)
    * Barki Badhal (Delivery Charge $20.00)
    * Bewal (Delivery Charge $25.00)
    * Chackwal (Delivery Charge $35.00)
    * Dehra Kanyal (Delivery Charge $25.00)
    * Fateh Jang (Delivery Charge $20.00)
    * Gujjar Khan (Delivery Charge $20.00)
    * Haripur (Delivery Charge $35.00)
    * Kahuta (Delivery Charge $20.00)
    * Kallar Sayidan (Delivery Charge $20.00)
    * Kamra (Delivery Charge $30.00)
    * Madra (Delivery Charge $20.00)
    * Muree (Delivery Charge $25.00)
    * Rawat (Delivery Charge $15.00)
    * Sagri (Delivery Charge $15.00)
    * Sehala (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Texila (Delivery Charge $20.00)
    * Wahcantt (Delivery Charge $20.00)

From Jehlum, we cover the following villages for delivery (If your delivery area is not specified there then please ask us)

    * Aourangabad (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Bhak khasa (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Bhak memad (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Bjajar (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Budhair (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Bulani (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Bulani (Delivery Charge $15.00)
    * Chak Dolat (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Chak Jamal (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Chak Mehmand (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Chak akka (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Dhok Padaal (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Dina (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Dinga (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Gujrat (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Gujrat Haji Wala (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Kala Gujjran (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Kala Dev (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Kaluwal (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Kanjira (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Karian Wala (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Khambi (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Kharala (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Kharian (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Khokharan (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Kunjah (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Ladhar (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Lalamusa (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Madina Saeedan (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Mangla (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Mona Pind (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Nakodar (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Natain (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Rathian (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Sera-e-Alamgir (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Shikhupur (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Sikriyali (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Sohawa (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Thati Mughlan (Delivery Charge $10.00)

From Mir Pur Azad kashmir we cover the following areas (If your delivery area is not there then please contact us)

    * Batroui (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Chachian (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Chaksawari (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Chatro (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Chitar Pari (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Dadiyal (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Dhallah (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Islamgarh (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Jattlan (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Kakra (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Kasgumma (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Khadimabad (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Ratta (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Tariqabad (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Tullmanda (Delivery Charge $5.00)

From Lahore we cover the following areas for delivery of 5* Hotel Products (If your delivery area is not specified there then please ask us)

    * Bhai Pehru (Delivery Charge $25.00)
    * Faisalabd (Delivery Charge $50.00)
    * Gujranwala (Delivery Charge $25.00)
    * Kamoki (Delivery Charge $20.00)
    * Kasoor (Delivery Charge $15.00)
    * Mangamandi (Delivery Charge $15.00)
    * Muridke (Delivery Charge $15.00)
    * Raiwand (Delivery Charge $15.00)
    * Sharqpur Shreef (Delivery Charge $20.00)
    * Sheikupura (Delivery Charge $20.00)
    * Sialkot (Delivery Charge $50.00)

From Gujranwala we cover the following areas for delivery (If your delivery area is not specified there then please ask us)

    * Gakkhar Mandi (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Hafizabad (Delivery Charge $15.00)
    * Kamoki (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Ladhay Wala Warriach (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * More Amenabad (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Nokhar (Delivery Charge $15.00)
    * Qila Didar Singh (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Wazirabad (Delivery Charge $10.00)

From Bahawalpur We cover the following areas (If your delivery area is not there then please contact us)

    * Ahmed pur East (Delivery Charge $25)
    * Dera Bakha (Delivery Charge $15)
    * Kehrore Pakka (Delivery Charge $25)
    * Khairpur Tamewali (Delivery Charge $25)
    * Khanqah Sharif (Delivery Charge $15)
    * Lal Sohanra (Delivery Charge $15)
    * Lodhran (Delivery Charge $15)
    * Yazman (Delivery Charge $25)

 Delivery Schedule:

Deliveries been made between 10AM - 8.00PM Pakistan time. If you have special requirements, please add it in special instructions box and we will try our best to meet your requirements.

Sending Gifts to Pakistan Couldn't Have Been Easier!
When you look at Pakistani culture, you cannot ignore the importance of sending gifts to loved ones. We use gifts to express our love and respect for other people who are significant in our lives. Everyone is fond of giving and receiving gifts. Some of the common examples of gifts would be greeting cards, chocolates, perfumes, and cakes. With technology being a huge part of our lives, sending gifts to Pakistan from any part of the world is quite possible. If you are not living in the country but want to make your loved one feel special, you could do that very easily by sending flowers and cakes of your choice and preference to their doorstep. Express Gift Service is all about quality, and we are going to guarantee that with our excellent service and premium products. You will also get a variety of options in gifts at our online store. If you want toys, garments, jewellery, or even soft toys, you will find it at our portal at unbelievable prices.

We will also give you the option to search for products and gifts that are best suited for an occasion. Be it Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Eid Day or Father's Day; we have it all segregated to make it easier for you. Send gifts to Pakistan and your favourite people living there to show gratitude and love on a special occasion. It is time you spread the smile to others, especially your friends and family members with our premium gifts. If you like customized options, we are here to offer you a range of products like quotation towels, hand towels, and pillows that are best suited to the taste of the special people in your life.

Try Sending Flowers to Pakistan from Any Part of the World!
If you have care and feelings for people who live miles away from you in Pakistan, you can express your emotions through flowers. Express Gift Service offers the service of sending flowers with a gift to Pakistan at competitive prices. Different flowers are meant for different occasions and depending on the occasion you will be able to find the right choice of flower at our store. Be it birthdays, anniversary day, weddings day, mother's day or valentine's day; you will get to send flowers to your loved one at express speed. If you want to add a special note, we will allow you that option as well. Therefore, if you are living in Canada, the UK, or the USA, you have nothing to worry. Don't miss out the opportunity to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. With Express Gift Service by your side, sending flowers trouble-free in an affordable price. Send flowers to Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi or any other city through Express Gift Service.

Send Cakes to Pakistan in a Blink of an Eye!
Have you stayed away from for quite some time now? Do you have difficulty maintaining relations with your loved ones back at home? With express Gift Service by your side, you will not lose even a single opportunity to make your loved ones feel special on the celebratory occasions. Buy cakes of different flavours at our store and have them delivered to the doorstep. You can send a variety of gifts to Pakistan along with the cake. You may be in Canada, Europe, USA, or the UK; you have nothing to worry. We are here to make sure that your presents reach your loved one on time with no hassle at all. Our services extend to Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and any city in Pakistan. Even when your delivery needs to be in the last minute, we will offer same day delivery services to make sure that your gift-giving experience is full-proof.

Try the Combos for Making It Extra Special!
If you think that merely sending a cake or flower bouquet won't be enough, we will offer you the chance to check out some of our attractive combos in gifts. You can send gift to Pakistan along with several other options. Go through them all and make your pick out of the lot. The combinations include teddy bears, chocolates, and cakes with flowers. These options are the best for special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays. Try out a bouquet of red roses with a box of chocolates on Valentine's Day as well.

Have You Looked at Gift Baskets?
Another outstanding option for gifts would be gift baskets. If you want to start with a grand gesture, a gift basket is what you need. It can be for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or any other occasion. Gift baskets are known to comprise of a variety of different products starting from fresh seasonal fruits, dry fruits, salted snacks, cheeses, cookies, to gourmet chocolates. Premium coffee blends and teas are also available in many gift baskets. Pamper your loved one with the luxurious feel of a gift basket.

Be Mindful of the Upcoming Occasions
Some of the occasions that you need to be prepared for in advance include -

  • Ramadan (24th April 2020) - Ramzan or Ramadan is a very auspicious festival for the Muslims. It is a tradition to give gifts to loved ones during this special month for sharing blessings with one another. Give exquisite gifts to your business associates, friends, and family in the form of gourmet gift baskets, sweets, chocolate boxes, dry fruits, and so much more.
  • Mother's Day (10th May 2020) - It is one of the special days when people honour their mothers for spreading affection, kindness, and love. Send the right gift to your mother to make her day exceptionally memorable. We have a wide range of products in our Mother's Day category. Find Mother's Day flowers, cakes, gift baskets, and so much more at our store.
  • Eid Day (23rd May 2020) - Eid is religious festival for Muslims of the world. They celebrate this occasion with their family and friends. So you can also greet them Eid Mubarak by sending lots of gifts through Express Gift Service like Special Eid Combos, Cakes, Mithai and Flowers.
  • Father's Day (21st June 2020) - Father's Day is the special day that is dedicated to the significant role that a father has to play in the life of his children. Make it special for your dad by giving him priceless gifts in the form of chocolates, cakes, and several other hand-picked options.

Why Choose Us?
Express Gift Service is one of the highly reputed online stores that offer services to deliver gifts in Pakistan. We have been able to stay ahead of our competition in the market because of -

  • On-time gifts delivery
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Competitive prices
  • International Gifts and Fruit Basket Delivery
Trust in our ability to serve you, and you will not be disappointed. For more information, get in touch with us through email.