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Islamabad Hotel - Pakistan

2Lbs Pineapple Cake - Islamabad Hotel
2Lbs Blackforest Cake - Islamabad Hotel
2Lbs Chocolate Cake - Islamabad Hotel
$ 30
$ 38
$ 42
4Lbs Pineapple Cake - Islamabad Hotel
4Lbs Blackforest Cake - Islamabad Hotel
6Lbs Pineapple Cake - Islamabad Hotel
$ 47
$ 63
$ 65
4Lbs Chocolate Cake - Islamabad Hotel
6Lbs Blackforest Cake - Islamabad Hotel
6Lbs Chocolate Cake - Islamabad Hotel
$ 70
$ 87
$ 97

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Holiday Inn Hotel Cakes to Pakistan

Holiday Inn, now known as the Islamabad hotel has the history to it. Pioneers in Islamabad not only in confectionaries but also in hospitality, they have the best cakes available. Cakes from Holiday Inn in Islamabad are one of the most delicious treats available.

Whether itís a party time at your home or you are gracing someoneís party with your presence, cakes are the most easiest and scrumptious delicacies that are a must for occasions.

We understand that when itís party at home, there are hundreds of smaller errands to run to ensure the perfect bash. Worried about whoíd pick the cake and whoíd ensure the freshness and perfection? Express Gift Service is here to help you with everything that youíd require.

We bring you a vast range of cakes from pastry shop at Holiday Inn hotel in Islamabad. Choose from this array and weíll deliver cakes from pastry shop in holiday inn in Islamabad.

If you have been invited as a guest at someoneís place then as per the tradition, youíll be expected to bring something for the host. Everyone loves to have something sweet at these occasions and cake is the most favourite dessert. Why not try our service of Holiday Inn cakes delivery in Islamabad, its hassle free and not at all time consuming.

Cakes delivery in Rawalpindi from pastry shop in Holiday Inn
was never this convenient. Express Gifts Service has the history of going to an extra mile for their customers so if you have chosen us then rest assured that you have chosen the best.