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Premium shipping means delivery on Public holidays or Same day. Please check this box if you want to deliver on Eid Day, Sunday, Same Day or any Public Holiday.

Deliveries for Sundays must be placed on Saturday before 3PM PK Time. Deliveries for next day must be placed before 3PM PK Time a day before or Pay extra $2.99 for same day delivery. Deliveries for same day must be placed before 11AM PK Time.

Note: Next day and same day delivery only available for Flowers, Cakes, Mithai, Pizzas, KFC and Fruit baskets. Other items have to dispatched separately and required 2 working days delivery time. Big and heavy items could take upto 5 working days delivery time.

Deliveries on Public Holidays like Sunday, Eid, New Year

Deliveries on public holidays are only available in following cities. In all other cities delivreries will be made a day before the public holidays

    * Lahore
    * Karachi
    * Bahawalpur
    * Multan
    * Islamabad
    * Rawalpindi
    * Sialkot
    * Gujranwala
    * Faisalabad
    * Sargodha
    * Okara
    * Gujrat
    * Sahiwal
    * Peshawar
    * Hydrabad

Other Delivery Areas We Covered:

From Faisalabad products from 5* Hotel we cover following Areas:

    * Awagat (Delivery Charge $15)
    * Bhawana (Delivery Charge $35)
    * Chak Jhumra (Delivery Charge $20)
    * Chiniot (Delivery Charge $20)
    * Dijkot (Delivery Charge $15)
    * Gojra (Delivery Charge $25)
    * Jaranwala (Delivery Charge $20)
    * Khurrianwala (Delivery Charge $20)
    * Naya Lahore (Delivery Charge $25)
    * Painsra (Delivery Charge $20)
    * Chanab Nagar (Delivery Charge $25)
    * Salarwala (Delivery Charge $35)
    * Sanghla Hill (Delivery Charge $30)
    * Satiana (Delivery Charge $15)
    * Shahkot (Delivery Charge $25)
    * Sumundri (Delivery Charge $20)
    * Tandlianwala (Delivery Charge $30)
    * Toba Take Singh (Delivery Charge $40)
    * Adda Mureedwala (Delivery Charge $30)
    * Jahng (Delivery Charge $35)
    * Pirmahal (Delivery Charge $40)
    * Rajhana (Delivery Charge $35)

From Rawalpindi/Islamabad We cover the following areas for delivery of 5* Hotel Products (If your delivery area is not specified there then please ask us)

    * Abbot Abad (Delivery Charge $35)
    * Attock (Delivery Charge $35.00)
    * Barki Badhal (Delivery Charge $20.00)
    * Bewal (Delivery Charge $25.00)
    * Chackwal (Delivery Charge $35.00)
    * Dehra Kanyal (Delivery Charge $25.00)
    * Fateh Jang (Delivery Charge $20.00)
    * Gujjar Khan (Delivery Charge $20.00)
    * Haripur (Delivery Charge $35.00)
    * Kahuta (Delivery Charge $20.00)
    * Kallar Sayidan (Delivery Charge $20.00)
    * Kamra (Delivery Charge $30.00)
    * Madra (Delivery Charge $20.00)
    * Muree (Delivery Charge $25.00)
    * Rawat (Delivery Charge $15.00)
    * Sagri (Delivery Charge $15.00)
    * Sehala (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Texila (Delivery Charge $20.00)
    * Wahcantt (Delivery Charge $20.00)

From Jehlum, we cover the following villages for delivery (If your delivery area is not specified there then please ask us)

    * Aourangabad (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Bhak khasa (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Bhak memad (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Bjajar (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Budhair (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Bulani (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Bulani (Delivery Charge $15.00)
    * Chak Dolat (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Chak Jamal (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Chak Mehmand (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Chak akka (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Dhok Padaal (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Dina (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Dinga (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Gujrat (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Gujrat Haji Wala (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Kala Gujjran (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Kala Dev (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Kaluwal (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Kanjira (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Karian Wala (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Khambi (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Kharala (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Kharian (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Khokharan (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Kunjah (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Ladhar (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Lalamusa (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Madina Saeedan (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Mangla (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Mona Pind (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Nakodar (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Natain (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Rathian (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Sera-e-Alamgir (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Shikhupur (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Sikriyali (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Sohawa (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Thati Mughlan (Delivery Charge $10.00)

From Mir Pur Azad kashmir we cover the following areas (If your delivery area is not there then please contact us)

    * Batroui (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Chachian (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Chaksawari (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Chatro (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Chitar Pari (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Dadiyal (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Dhallah (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Islamgarh (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Jattlan (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Kakra (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Kasgumma (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Khadimabad (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Ratta (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Tariqabad (Delivery Charge $5.00)
    * Tullmanda (Delivery Charge $5.00)

From Lahore we cover the following areas for delivery of 5* Hotel Products (If your delivery area is not specified there then please ask us)

    * Bhai Pehru (Delivery Charge $25.00)
    * Faisalabd (Delivery Charge $50.00)
    * Gujranwala (Delivery Charge $25.00)
    * Kamoki (Delivery Charge $20.00)
    * Kasoor (Delivery Charge $15.00)
    * Mangamandi (Delivery Charge $15.00)
    * Muridke (Delivery Charge $15.00)
    * Raiwand (Delivery Charge $15.00)
    * Sharqpur Shreef (Delivery Charge $20.00)
    * Sheikupura (Delivery Charge $20.00)
    * Sialkot (Delivery Charge $50.00)

From Gujranwala we cover the following areas for delivery (If your delivery area is not specified there then please ask us)

    * Gakkhar Mandi (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Hafizabad (Delivery Charge $15.00)
    * Kamoki (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Ladhay Wala Warriach (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * More Amenabad (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Nokhar (Delivery Charge $15.00)
    * Qila Didar Singh (Delivery Charge $10.00)
    * Wazirabad (Delivery Charge $10.00)

From Bahawalpur We cover the following areas (If your delivery area is not there then please contact us)

    * Ahmed pur East (Delivery Charge $25)
    * Dera Bakha (Delivery Charge $15)
    * Kehrore Pakka (Delivery Charge $25)
    * Khairpur Tamewali (Delivery Charge $25)
    * Khanqah Sharif (Delivery Charge $15)
    * Lal Sohanra (Delivery Charge $15)
    * Lodhran (Delivery Charge $15)
    * Yazman (Delivery Charge $25)

 Delivery Schedule:

Deliveries been made between 10AM - 8.00PM Pakistan time. If you have special requirements, please add it in special instructions box and we will try our best to meet your requirements.
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