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Serena Hotel - Pakistan

2Lbs Blackforest Cake - Serena Hotel
Danish Pastry - Serena Hotel
2Lbs Heart Shape Pineapple Cake - Serena Hotel
$ 42.5
$ 43.5
$ 44.06
2Lbs Chocolate Opera Cake - Serena Hotel
Cherry Tart - Serena Hotel
Pineapple Tart - Serena Hotel
$ 46.5
$ 46.99
$ 46.99
Beef Patties - Serena Hotel
Almond Cherry Tart - Serena Hotel
Almond Tart - Serena Hotel
$ 47
$ 47
$ 47
Berliner - Serena Hotel
2Lbs Peach Tart Cake - Serena Hotel
2Lbs Tiramisu Cake - Serena Hotel
$ 47
$ 47
$ 48
2Lbs Strawberry and Chocolate Cake - Serena Hotel
2Lbs Cappuccino Cake - Serena Hotel
Lamb Patties - Serena Hotel
$ 50.5
$ 51.99
$ 52.5
Vegetable Patties - Serena Hotel
2Lbs Mango Cheese Cake - Serena Hotel
2Lbs Mango and Chocolate Cake - Serena Hotel
$ 52.5
$ 55
$ 57.5
2Lbs Mango Mousse Cake - Serena Hotel
2Lbs Coconut Cake - Serena Hotel
2Lbs New York Cheese Cake - Serena Hotel
$ 60.5
$ 60.99
$ 61
2Lbs Chocolate Truffle Cake - Serena Hotel
2Lbs Chocolate Brownie Cake - Serena Hotel
2Lbs Chocolate Fudge Cake - Serena Hotel
$ 61.5
$ 61.5
$ 63.99
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Serena Hotel Cakes to Pakistan

Elegance and serenity amalgamated with delicious treats, Serena hotel in Islamabad is surely the epitome of hospitality. Rakaposhi at Serena hotel offers mouthwatering cake selections which are brought to you by Express Gift Service at the comfort of your homes.

Choose from the scrumptious boutique of Cakes from Serena hotel in Islamabad put together by Express Gift Service and rest assured that Serena hotel cakes delivery in Islamabad will reach at your doorstep in style.

Dessert is a must for every occasion. Be it an occasion of birthday, anniversary or if you just wanna express your love to your loved ones. Serena Hotel Cakes delivery in Rawalpindi from Rakaposhi is one of the best choices.

It will not only show your loved ones that you chose the best for them but we’ll deliver cakes from rakaposhi in Serena Hotel to Rawalpindi in such a way that they’ll fall in love with you all over again.