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Pearl Continental Hotel - Pakistan

2Lbs Coffee Cake - PC Hotel Karachi
2Lbs Cafe Mousse Cake - PC Hotel
2Lbs Italian Pineapple Cake - PC Hotel
$ 37.5  $ 31.88
$ 37.5
$ 38.5
2Lbs Walnut Brownie Cake - PC Hotel
2Lbs Italian Peach Cake - PC Hotel
2Lbs Chocolate Fan Cake - PC Hotel
$ 38.99
$ 38.99
$ 38.99
2Lbs Linzer Cake - PC Hotel
2Lbs Financier Cake - PC Hotel
2Lbs Pineapple Cheese Cake - PC Hotel
$ 38.99
$ 39
$ 39.49
2Lbs Mix Fruit Cheese Cake - PC Hotel
2Lbs Blueberry Cheese Cake - PC Hotel
2Lbs White Chocolate Truffle Cake - PC Hotel
$ 39.5
$ 39.99
$ 40.75
2Lbs Mothers Day Cake - PC Hotel
2Lbs Eid Day Cake - PC Hotel
2Lbs Fathers Day Cake - PC Hotel
$ 42.5  $ 34
$ 42.5
$ 42.5
2Lbs Heart Shaped Cake - PC Hotel
4Lbs Chocolate Chip Cake - PC Hotel
4Lbs Pineapple Cake - PC Hotel
$ 42.5  $ 38.25
$ 45.5
$ 46.35
4Lbs Blackforest Cake - PC Hotel
4Lbs Italian Pineapple Cake - PC Hotel
4Lbs Italian Blackforest Cake - PC Hotel
$ 46.49
$ 47.3
$ 47.5
4Lbs Chocolate Fudge Cake - PC Hotel
4Lbs Brown Chocolate Swiss Cake - PC Hotel
4Lbs White Chocolate Swiss Cake - PC Hotel
$ 50.25
$ 50.25
$ 51.35
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Pearl Continental Hotel Cake to Pakistan

Pearl Continental has been the pioneers of hospitality in Karachi for long. Quality, class and taste are the attributes that are the trademark of cakes from PC hotel in Karachi. We believe that taste is never to be sacrificed for good looks and vice versa, therefore we made sure that you are given the options that are incredibly rich and beautiful. Therefore, we made PC hotel cakes delivery in Karachi easily available to all the customers of Express Gift Service.

We understand that not everyone has the time to physically fetch the specialties so we’ve made an effort to bring the best of café latte by offering to deliver cakes from baker’s boutique PC hotel in Karachi.

Experience the finesse of fruits by ordering from scrumptious range of fruit cake from our shelves.  By receiving cakes delivery in Karachi from Baker’s Boutique in PC hotel, we’re sure that you would not only love the taste but also the beautiful decoration of the cake from café latte and bakers boutique.